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Protective Crystal Controller Shell

Protective Crystal Controller Shell

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Introducing the PS5 Protective Crystal Controller Shell – a transparent shield that not only safeguards your PlayStation 5 controller but also showcases its inner beauty. Elevate your gaming gear with this sleek and protective shell, allowing you to revel in the design details of your controller while ensuring it stays protected against everyday wear.

Designed for a seamless fit, this crystal-clear shell offers comprehensive coverage without compromising access to buttons, ports, or features. Crafted from high-quality transparent materials, it provides robust protection against scratches, fingerprints, and minor bumps without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your controller.

The transparent design reveals the intricate details of your controller, from the iconic button layout to the mesmerizing LED light accents. Show off your controller's inner workings while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with added protection.

Product introduction:
New PC raw material production, environmental protection.
Weight of naked product with protective film: 31G
Packing weight: 61G with color box
Box size: 16.5 * 16.5 * 6cm

Applicable product: ps5 handle
Scope of application: other game handle accessories
Additional features: Protection
Game version: paperback version

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