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Multi-USB Hub Extender

Multi-USB Hub Extender

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Introducing the PS5 Multi-USB Hub Extender – the essential accessory that expands the connectivity of your PlayStation 5 console, unleashing a world of possibilities for your gaming and entertainment setup. Seamlessly integrate multiple devices with your PS5 and enhance your gaming experience with unparalleled convenience.

This sleek and compact hub extender is designed to effortlessly match the modern aesthetics of the PS5, ensuring a clean and unobtrusive addition to your gaming space. With a thoughtful layout of multiple USB ports, it becomes a central hub for connecting controllers, gaming peripherals, external storage, and more.

Experience unparalleled versatility as the hub extender transforms a single USB port into a multi-functional powerhouse. Charge your controllers, connect gaming accessories, and effortlessly expand your console's storage capacity – all from a single, centralized hub. No more hassle of constantly swapping devices in and out or dealing with cable clutter.

Product information
Material: ABS
Product size: 4.8*2.7*13.2cm
Product weight: 45g
Product color: white, black
Specification: color box packaging

Packing list
PS5 USB converter*1

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