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Multi-Function Fan Cooling Base

Multi-Function Fan Cooling Base

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Introducing the PS5 Multi-Function Fan Cooling Base – the perfect companion to keep your gaming sessions cool, comfortable, and immersive. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your PlayStation 5 console, this cooling base is a versatile powerhouse equipped with a range of features to enhance your gaming experience.

Stay cool under pressure with the whisper-quiet, high-performance cooling fans built into the base. Strategically positioned to optimize airflow, these fans efficiently dissipate heat, preventing your PS5 from overheating during intense gaming marathons. Experience uninterrupted gameplay without worrying about performance issues due to thermal throttling.

But that's not all – this cooling base goes beyond its primary function. It features a multi-functional design, incorporating USB ports for additional device connectivity. Charge your controllers, connect accessories, or power up other devices directly from the base, eliminating the need for multiple power sources and keeping your gaming space organized.

Product Information:

Interface type: USB
Applicable products: PS5
Scope of application: radiator base bracket
Operating system: PS5
Additional function: heat dissipation multifunctional bracket
Video game classification: fever, elite, hardcore
Applicable number: 1 person and more people
Applicable age: over 10 years old
Material: ABS
Commodity type: heat dissipation multifunctional bracket

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