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Minimal Cooling Fan

Minimal Cooling Fan

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Introducing the Minimal PS5 Cooler Fan – the sleek and efficient solution to elevate your gaming experience by maintaining optimal temperatures for your PS5 console. This compact cooling fan is designed with a focus on simplicity, seamlessly integrating with the PS5's aesthetics while delivering superior cooling performance.

Crafted with a minimalist approach, the cooler fan features a low-profile design that complements the sleek lines of the PS5. Its unobtrusive presence ensures that it doesn't distract from the console's original design, creating a harmonious visual appeal for your gaming setup.

Engineered for efficiency, the cooling fan utilizes advanced technology to dissipate heat effectively, preventing overheating and potential performance issues during extended gaming sessions. The whisper-quiet operation ensures that you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience without the distraction of loud fan noise.

Product information:

Product size: 22.1 * 5.8 * 1.7 cm
Interface type: USB
Video/audio interface: USB
Network interface: USB
Applicable product: PS5
Scope of application: PS5
Operating system: PS5
Connection mode: ready to use
Additional functions: heat dissipation

Product description:

1. Simple installation, plug and play
2. Mold opening with real machine, accurate size docking,
3. Three large impeller fans for efficient cooling, care for the host, and play games for a long time
4. Ultra low noise, giving you a quiet and comfortable game environment
5. Fashionable appearance, selected high-quality products, high quality and long service life

Packing list:

Radiator * 1

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